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May Song Challenge

This month, I am very excited to have taken on a May Song Challenge. I will be singing a song about May from my window at 4pm every day this month. I am recording all of the window shows and they can be found on my YouTube and Twitter accounts.

There is a plethora of songs set in May thanks to a tradition started by the troubadours and trouvères. For them, the month is a time of renewal and growth, and love goes hand in hand with that in the eyes of the troubadours. There are 31 days in May which means 31 songs! I have a few ideas to keep me going but if you know of any songs about May please let me know!

“Oh this is so beautiful”

Rev Richard Coles, BBC Radio 4 presenter

“A troubadour under my window is just what I need”

Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3

“How beautiful. That will stay with me all day”

Donald Macleod, BBC Radio 3

“How wonderful”

Neil Fischer, The Times

“Thank you Clare”

Fiona Maddocks, Guardian/Observer


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